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Here you can access cutting edge techniques to unlocking speed potential.

All the sprint events from the 55m-400m are covered, including the sprint relays.

Sprint Training Articles:

Sled Training for Acceleration – Part II – Bruce Kelly, USATF Level II
Acceleration development using sleds. One way to think of sled training is as a functional single leg press. You can put your athletes into functional positions(i.e. standing and moving) and strengthen them especially their lower bodies and core


Secrets to Running Faster – Barry Ross
Since publishing Underground Secrets To Faster Running, I’m frequently asked why there seems to be minimal information regarding on-track sprint training workouts in a book about running faster.


Sled Training for Acceleration – Bruce Kelly, USATF Level II
Sled training is a good tool for enhancing acceleration and by that I mean the first 5-10 meters of a race. After that I feel it loses some of it’s effectiveness as it may alter mechanics and cause some one not to start to stand up to reach their upright sprinting posture.


Need Speed? Don’t Forget The Psoas! – Dr. Evan Osar
Most coaches involved with training athletes for speed recognize the importance of training the posterior (extensor) chain. Triple extension at the ankle, knee and hip is one of the fundamental components in developing first step, straight ahead and explosive speed.


Starting Blocks -Latif Thomas CSCS, USATF Lv. II
Proper acceleration is crucial to the success of track sprinters, but can not be achieved without ideal positioning within the starting blocks.


Interview with Chris Bostwick – USATF III, Miami University (Ohio)
Chris Bostwick is another of the elite young coaches that we love to pick the brain of here at Complete Track and Field. The progress that Chris’s athletes make under his watchful eye are truly impressive. Having earned his USATF Level III certification in the sprints, hurdles and relays


Off Season Strengthening of the Sprinter and Jumper – Lee Taft
It doesn’t take an expert coach to figure out the direction a track sprinter and jumper will travel. It is also fairly easy to understand that if sprinting and/or jumping straight ahead are the primary actions to becoming a better sprinter and jumper, then strengthening the muscles that allow the athlete to propel himself forward would be imperative


Athletic Warm Up– Adarian Barr
Warm up to achieve optimum performance Everyday, athletes are given instructions by coaches to warm-up before practice or before the game. Athletes do a variety of activities to warm-up such as jogging; walking, stretching, performing drills, socializing, or some may do nothing.


Conditioning for Sprinters– Latif Thomas, CSCS, USATF II
Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning is an important aspect of overall training for all track athletes, especially the conditioning of sprinters. The aerobic system must be able to supply an adequate amount of oxygen to the muscles.


Sprinters Speed & Power Day Sample Workout– Patrick Beith CSCS, PES, USATF II
Example of a speed workout for sprinters