Sprinters Speed & Power Day Sample Workout

Patrick Beith CSCS, PES, USATF II

Here is a structured Speed/Power day workout that you can apply to your sprinters.

I. Dynamic Warm-up

  • 5-10 minute warm-up
  • Loose skip
  • Hurdle pushup
  • Backwards loose skip
  • Double leg plow
  • Side shuffle
  • Leg circles
  • Side shuffle
  • Lunge w/ twist
  • Leg swings (front & lateral)
  • Skips for height

II. Speed Drills

Backwards run
Fast leg
Accelerations 4x30m

III. Speed Workout

Acceleration Workout
3x 25 meters - push up (down position) start
3x 25 meters - push up (up position) start
3x 25 meters - seated (facing) 'forward' start
3x 25 meters - seated (facing) 'backwards' start

IV. Plyometrics

5 Double leg hops 4x6
Single leg bounds 3x6 each
Running alternating bounds 3x8

V. Weight Training

Hang Cleans 5x3
Deadlifts 4x4
Step-ups 4x4
Dumbbell Snatch 5x3

VI. Core Training

  • Stabilization - static (hold each position 45 seconds - repeat 3 times)
  • Swedish Abs:
  • Plank position
  • Side plank (on right side)
  • Side plank (on left side)
  • Bridge position

VII. Active Warm-down

  • All 2x 20 meters
  • High knee walk
  • Lunge w/ hamstring
  • Lateral lunge
  • Spiderman
  • Inch worm

Exercises can be added or subtracted depending on what the goal of the workout is, but all of our speed/power days will be in this outlined form. Our core w orkouts change daily depending on what types of exercises we used the day before.

Patrick Beith