Sprints Programs on Sale + New Sprint Hurdles Program from Marc Mangiacotti

Posted by Latif Thomas

First and foremost, both Marc Mangiacotti’s ‘Complete 100m Training‘ and ‘Advanced Concepts in Training 400 Runners‘ programs are on sale this week.

And when you get the digital versions, you’ll be registering/logging in at the new home for all of our digital resources. Once we’re fully operational, you’ll only need one username and password to access all programs by all coaches. I’m confident you’ll find it a more efficient way to get to your programs, show videos to your athletes at practice and ask your training questions.

But, I also want to let you know about a brand new sprint hurdles training resource Mang just released today called ‘Hurdle Rhythm: Drills & Progressions’.

If you coach hurdlers, you’ve no doubt given yourself the full face palm treatment watching them slam the brakes on right before the first hurdle, plant the take off leg in front of them and go vertical, clearing the hurdle by two feet like it’s modified pole vault.

Then, having lost all momentum and any chance at getting into a good rhythm between the hurdles, they slowly bound between the hurdles (or do the old ‘5 step pitter patter’).

There are a number of reasons this happens, but lack of an active cut step or ‘cut and push’ is a prime culprit.

Coach Mangiacotti’s program:

– Details how he addresses this with his hurdlers
– Shows his favorite drills for teaching specific elements of the hurdling process
– Provides progressions for these drills, as well as how he couples them together, moving from the ‘parts’ to the ‘whole’
– Lays out specific drill spacings, take off and touchdown marks and provides parameters for some of his favorite workouts

All this in addition to the fact he has offered to answer your training questions when you have them.

The program is 58 minutes long, so it’s not a ‘foundational’ program requiring a more significant investment of your time.

The every day price will be $37.00, but you can get it through the rest of the week you can get immediate access to the program for only $27.

That’s considerably less than a standard DVD that will ultimately end up scratched, lost, or in a pile somewhere.

==> Order Marc Mangiacotti’s brand new ‘Hurdle Rhythm: Drills & Progressions’ for only $27.

==> Save $20.00 when you order Marc Mangiacotti’s ‘Complete 100m Training’.

==> Save $20.00 when you order Marc Mangiacotti’s ‘Advanced Concepts in Training 400 Runners’.

Remember, all of these programs are available to be streamed online, so you’ll get immediate access. No waiting for them to show up in the mail.

As always, if you have questions, post them below.


Latif Thomas - Latif Thomas owns and operates Complete Track and Field and serves as the Co-Director of the Complete Track and Field Clinic at Harvard University, the largest track and field clinic in the United States. A popular speaker and presenter at some of the largest coaching clinics across the country, Latif has true passion for the sport and it definitely shows. Over the past 19 years, he has coached more combined League, Division, All-State, and New England Champions in sprints, hurdles, and jumps than he can count. Follow @latif_thomas on Twitter.

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