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Strength and Conditioning Articles

In this section you will find expert information for training power, speed, and endurance.

Strength and Conditioning Articles:

Core Stability CircuitIan Graham, USATF Level II
Whether your event focuses on running, jumping or throwing there’s no question the core will be involved in that activity, and developing a stronger core will help you in your quest to run faster, jump higher, and throw longer. Coach Graham’s core stability circui can be used before speed and power workouts or used as part of your regular core training program.

Plyometric TrainingBoo Schexnayder, LSU
Plyometric Training is defined as training that improves the body’s ability to create force using the stretch reflex of muscle tissue. Normally these are jumping exercises, but many other types of training such as sprinting and throwing routines have a large plyometric effect.

How to Do Warm-Up Complexes Olympic StyleAlfonso “Trey” Zepeda III, USAW
There are a lot of coaches and athletes who avoid this form of training, due to the learning curve being ‘too difficult’. Keep in mind the simple fact that weightlifters have always demonstrated more power than most species on earth. Olympic Style Weightlifters are great examples of those who demonstrate athletic POWER

Kettlebells for Strength Endurance Jason C Brown
Most sporting events revolve around your ability to create explosive movements over an extended period of time. This athletic quality is known as power-endurance. Training for power-endurance can be absolutely grueling

Need Speed? Don’t Forget The Psoas!Dr. Evan Osar
Most coaches involved with training athletes for speed recognize the importance of training the posterior (extensor) chain. Triple extension at the ankle, knee and hip is one of the fundamental components in developing first step, straight ahead and explosive speed.

Body Weight CircuitsLatif Thomas, USATF II, CSCS
Bodyweight circuits are an excellent training method to use with your entire team. This type of training provides a number of positive benefits.

Strength Training Program for High School Throwers Ray Wilks USATF I
Coach Wilks strength training program that he uses with his extrememly successful high school athletes.

Medicine Ball Exercises for Strength and Power Latif Thomas, USATF II, CSCS
Speed, strength and power is vital to the success of ALL track and field athletes whether competing in the sprints, jumps, throws or endurance events. Medicine ball exercises are an interactive and fun method of training that athletes always enjoy.

Off Season Strengthening of the Sprinter and JumperLee Taft
It doesn’t take an expert coach to figure out the direction a track sprinter and jumper will travel. It is also fairly easy to understand that if sprinting and/or jumping straight ahead are the primary actions to becoming a better sprinter and jumper, then strengthening the muscles that allow the athlete to propel himself forward would be imperative.

High Jump Strength Training ProgramTamika Toppin
General Preparation Period strength training program for high jumpers from Collegiate All-American and Olympic High Jump Qualifier Tamika Toppin.

Microcycle Templatewww.CompleteTrackAndField.com
Download the microcycle template to help you create your own workouts

Plyometric Training Patrick Beith CSCS, PES, USATF II
Plyometric training is an excellent supplement to your speed, strength and power training program. Plyometrics can greatly improve your power levels and help increase body control since they deal with moving your own bodyweight through hopping or bounding exercises, medicine ball throws, etc.

The Benefits of Sports Psychology for Athletes Patrick J Cohn
Download the microcycle template to help you create your own workouts

Athletic Warm UpAdarian Barr
Warm up to achieve optimum performance Everyday, athletes are given instructions by coaches to warm-up before practice or before the game. Athletes do a variety of activities to warm-up such as jogging; walking, stretching, performing drills, socializing, or some may do nothing.

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