Summer Clinic Update – Part II

Posted by Latif Thomas

Strictly business today. Please read this ENTIRE email as you are officially responsible for its content.

1. If you missed my first clinic update from earlier this week, click here.

It’s critical that you both turn in your medical waivers and *read* the waiver and *properly* fill out the forms. Part of the reason many of you are waiting on verifications that we’ve received your information is because we’re spending so much time addressing those coaches, parents and athletes who did not pay attention to detail.

(No, coaches do not need medical waivers.)

2. Parking & Directions

We’ll have ‘Blue Shirts’ (staff) and signs directing you toward the two parking areas we have available as well as directing you from the Harvard Business School to the Registration area.

However, please save and print this form for specific directions and maps of the facility:

Parking and directions

If you’re coming in from the hotels, they are both roughly one mile from the track.


3. Registration

IMPORTANT: We are moving registration *up* by 30 minutes to ensure everyone gets processed before 9am. If you were at the clinic last year you know how many people were there.

This year there are more than twice the number of people.

When you arrive at the facility, please go sit in the bleachers. We will start at exactly 7:30 and not before. You will register by event group, but please note:

*All* jumpers will register together.
*All* throwers will register together.

In addition to the event group tables, there will be a ‘Didn’t Pay Attention to Detail’ table, which is basically the ‘we have a problem with your registration table’.

After you register you have *two* options:

1. Go back and sit in the bleachers until we start up at 9:00AM
2. Roam around the facility until 8:50am when you are required to be back in the bleachers

If you show up late and have to do the walk of shame past through the whole facility into the bleachers, I WILL CALL YOU OUT! Ask around, it will give me great joy.

After Coach Mangiacotti and I make our announcements, you will break off into the event group you signed up for and begin the most mind altering 2 days of your track and field career.

4. Parents

Every registered coach/athlete will get a name tag. Those are your credentials. Every once in a while I catch a sneaky parent in a restricted area. Hopefully that doesn’t happen this year because I hate to see little kids cry. And that’s probably what will happen when I have to kick your kid out of the clinic because it is unfair to registered coaches/athletes.

Parents (who are not registered as coaches) will not be allowed in the practice areas. If you’re watching your kid high jump inside, you must be in the bleachers.

If you’re watching outdoors near the track or throwing fields, you must remain in the designated areas which will be marked.

5. Stuff to Do While You Wait

Looking for some info on what you can do and where you can go during the day?

Save and print out this form for directions to Harvard Square, places to eat, ATMs, Transportation options, etc.:

Stuff to Do Near Harvard

I think that covers it for this week.

You can post your questions below.

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