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Save the date!

I’m excited! After countless meetings, emails and phone calls over the past 12 months, I’ve ‘signed’ who I  consider to be the best jumps coach in our sport: Boo Schexnayder! And two weeks from today, Monday October 17, we will be releasing his brand new horizontal jumps training resource here at Complete Track and Field….

Measuring what Matters Part 3 – Maximal Speed

The 100m and 200m sprint events are more maximally speed related, and measuring / testing maximum velocity improvement year to year can shed some light on actual progress in training that meet performance may not be able to provide.  It is widely accepted that the ultimate test is the competition itself, but when the meet has…

Developing Speed in the High School Athlete

Most coaches would probably classify speed as the most critical of all athletic abilities. Yet in spite of this importance, in many programs speed abilities go largely undeveloped. This is often because of the faulty assumption that speed cannot be improved, or simply because so many training systems follow traditional yet ineffective means for developing…

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