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Three Things

It’s important for everyone who’s interested in track and field to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. After all, this is a sport that is not always considered to be the premier and most exciting to fans, and it is certainly not one of the most sought after or respected among its peers….

Winter Workouts for Hurdles

I was inspired by the winter training article written by coach Mangiacotti two weeks ago, so I wanted to put in my two cents concerning what I wanted my young people to do for winter workouts. As a young high school coach I was determined to write workouts for everyday of the break and even…

Science vs Art

What is the difference between the science vs art of coaching? The science of coaching consists of understanding workouts, progressions, biomechanics, energy systems and other essential factors that influence ones ability to teach. The art of coaching encompasses more depth and understanding of an athlete’s emotions, external stress levels and a host of other social…

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