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Functional Endurance Strength in Cross Country Training

Strength is one of the five primary physical components (speed, endurance, flexibility, strength, coordination) that defines athleticism.  Cross country runners, like all athletes, benefit from the improvement of all five physical components to the degree to which their particular sport demands.  Strength training must always be focused on training the movement, rather than the muscle,…

Three Things

It’s important for everyone who’s interested in track and field to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. After all, this is a sport that is not always considered to be the premier and most exciting to fans, and it is certainly not one of the most sought after or respected among its peers….

Protein for the Win – Protein Needs of Cross Country Athletes

Low fat, high carbohydrate, low calorie intake, carbohydrate cycling, vegetarian, vegan, junk food!  What else have coaches heard from their endurance athletes regarding nutrition?   Today we will focus on the importance of protein. In the last few decades cross country runners have increased their awareness in how nutrition affects performance, but with diet fads, advertising,…

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