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Summer Training Ideas for Sprints, Hurdles & Jumps Part II

Summer Training Ideas for Sprints & Hurdles & Jumps Part II “Summer, summer, summertime… Time to sit back and unwind”   Related Article: Summer Training Ideas for Sprints, Hurdles & Jumps Part I A longer season is a successful season… Each championship meet your athletes attend has the potential to be a qualifier for the next….

Summer Camp Registration Deadline is This Friday!

If you’re still debating whether or not to come to the clinic this summer, search #ctfclinic on Twitter to see what past attendees said during and after the event. So, every year we get a flood of last minute registrations and countless sad stories from coaches, parents, and athletes who waited too long and get locked out….

“Working the Dirt II”

Let’s look at three more hurdle qualities I believe can assist coaches in making them better able to make your “Newbie” hurdlers fast and your experienced hurdlers faster. I had a community college guy who was competition in his first decathlon, and was terrified of the high hurdles. The hurdle height did not scare him…

Hurdle Nitty Gritty

It’s time to get down to the hurdle nitty gritty. My hurdle practices often resemble a borderline disaster. Sure, I have some kids who have finally developed the ability to three step, cut step and pull their trail leg through. But it’s hard to help them when I’m so distracted by the nightmare taking place…