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Good vs Bad Triple Jump

Today, Complete Track & Field Clinic Jumps Leader Reuben Jones shares a video breaking down what ‘bad’ triple jump looks like and what ‘good’ triple jump looks like. He also explains common errors to look for, as well as what quality execution looks like. Plus, he uses a 43’4 female triple jumper as his demo…

Horizontal Jumping 101

Horizontal Jumping 101 By Cameron Gary Running and jumping (along with lifting and throwing) are the most fundamental of human athletic movements. The Olympic Motto of “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (faster, higher, stronger) illustrates the applicability of these basic performance attributes. However, to avoid digressing into a history lesson, suffice it to say that in sprint/jump…

Coaching the Triple Jump

Coaching the Triple Jump By Boo Schexnayder, LSU I. Understanding the Event A. The Run and Its Purpose B. Hip Undulation and the Phases C. Making the Connection II. The Approach Run A. Phases B. Technical Features Posture Progressive Body Angles Pushing Up Vertical Velocities in the Run Elastic Energy Factors III. General Considerations for…

Save the date!

I’m excited! After countless meetings, emails and phone calls over the past 12 months, I’ve ‘signed’ who I  consider to be the best jumps coach in our sport: Boo Schexnayder! And two weeks from today, Monday October 17, we will be releasing his brand new horizontal jumps training resource here at Complete Track and Field….

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