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Throws Training Articles

In this section you’ll find the explosive training techniques that will get the most out of every thrower.

This area covers the shot put, discus, javelin, hammer and weight.

Throws Training Articles:

Shot Put Glide Technique Drills – Rob Lasorsa, USA Track and Field Men’s Shot Development Chairman
USA Track & Field’s own shot put development chairman breaks down the drills needed to master the shot put glide technique.

Teaching the Javelin – Casey Thom, MSS, CSCS
The key objective in javelin throwing is to throw as far as possible without fouling. There are three variables that determine the distance of a throw and teaching the javelin.

Discus Drills -Jim Giroux, MF Athetics, PerformBetter
The discus throw itself can be broken down into the Stand, the Step and Turn, the South African and the Full Throw.

Throwing the Javelin -Jim Giroux, MF Athetics, PerformBetter
The javelin, like the other throwing events has its peculiarities. Therefore greater demand is placed on transitional movement skills as the throw moves from straight ahead run to crossover strides and finally the throwing position.

Strength Training Program for High School Throwers -Ray Wilks USATF I
Coach Wilks strength training program that he uses with his extrememly successful high school athletes.


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