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How to Plan and Progress Event Specific Workouts for 100m- 400m Sprinters and Hurdlers

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From emerging high schoolers to experienced collegiates, USATF Master Coach Tony Veney provides the training science and coaching strategies proven to generate new personal bests for your 100m-400m sprinters and hurdlers.

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  • Coaching Benefit #1

    How to develop a world class training inventory that effectively develops the seven training categories required for optimal performance…whether you coach high schoolers or elite post collegiates.

  • Coaching Benefit #2

    Discover a serious analysis of advanced biomotor skill development…beyond the basic speed, strength, mobility, coordination, and endurance protocols you’re used to…

  • Coaching Benefit #3

    How to teach, plan, and progress ‘The Big 4′ of Sport Specific Learning (Stimulation, Adaptation, Stabilization, Actualization)…ignore any of these steps and you’ll immediately stifle your athletes’ development and improvement.

  • Coaching Benefit #4

    Gain new understanding of the training demands of the short and long sprints/hurdles…and put an end to confusion about where, when, and how to optimally plan and progress workouts throughout each training phase.

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    Finally! Proven Testing Protocols for the sprints and hurdles; discover the specific tests and procedures guaranteed to help you gain deeper understanding into the general and specific training adjustments that will bolt your sprinters into the next level of heats and meets.

  • Coaching Benefit #6

    Save hours of time and effort with multiple recovery and regeneration ‘workouts’, as well as effective program design protocols you’ll use to improve the consistency, frequency, and accuracy of your compatible and complimentary training series and progressions.

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"Processes involve not only what the sprinter learns, but also how they adapt the highly coordinated skills of their event. Psycho-motor stress previously mentioned is closely tied into this concept of sport learning. What we learn and how we learn to perform skillful activities lies in the athlete’s ability to adapt to a new way of doing things. Adaptation requires the learner to conceptualize a new method of performing the skill in their chosen event (such as 'ankle to ankle' heel recovery in the first steps of the race). Training the athlete through numerous drills and competition rehearsals improve and enhance the quality of the athlete’s learning curve..."

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