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Glossary of Terms

Definitions will be added as we get questions on certain terms.

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Glossary of Terms :

Acceleration - rate of change of velocity

Anaerobic - without oxygen

Annual Plan - yearly training program (divided into phases)

Backside Mechanics - in sprinting, movements occurring behind the center of mass

Center of Mass (COM) - the point on a body where forces are applied

Competition Period - grouping of event specific training for competition

Competition Period - grouping of event specific training for competition

Endurance - a period of time that an intensity can be held for

Force - mass times acceleration

Frontside Mechanics - in sprinting, movement occuring in front of the center of mass

General Preparation - phase containing general exercises to build a foundation

Hypertrophy - to increase size

Intensity - an amount or quality of effort

Macrocycle - a training period (or season) consisting of the 3 periods (Preparatory, Competitive and Transition)

Main Competition Phase - the point where you schedule your peak for, your most important meets

Maximum Velocity - top speed

Mesocycle - a training period of 2-6 microcycles

Microcycle - a weekly trainig program

Overtraining - when volume and intensity exceeds recovery capacity

Peaking - tapering for a major or championship event

Period - Group of phases that makes up the Prepatory, Competitive, Transition

Periodization - structure of a continuous training plan

Phase - stage of training, sub-periods: General, Specific Preparatory, Pre-competition, Competitive, Transition

Power - rate of work. Amont of work produced in a certain amount of time (Force x Velocity)

Pre-competition - phase in which event specific training objectives are introduced

Preparation Phase - "training to train", building a base

Progressive Overload - a higher training load then a body is use to, steadily increasing load

Repetition - number of intervals in a set

Session - individual workouts

Special Preparation - after general preparation, where to training focus stays as building a foundation but also moves towards specific training

Speed - the rate of motion. Distance traveled divided by the time of travel

Speed Endurance - any interval or run where an athlete must maintain near top speeds for a lengthened period of time. Generally speaking, these runs last 8-20 seconds so distance will vary depending on the capabilities of the athlete

Strength - force a muscle(s) produces against a resistance

Torque - measurement of force to produce a rotation about an axis

Training Age - number of years trainig for a particular event

Transition Period - recovery time in between macrocycles

Unit - different biomotor elements of training that makes up a training session

Velocity - rate of change of displacement in a specified direction

Volume - quantity of work performed