Who the $%&* is Marc Mangiacotti?

Posted by Latif Thomas


If you’ve been watching Marc Mangiacotti’s Master Class “Building the Perfect 100m Sprinter From Start to Finish” then you know what a steal it is.

But some coaches have yet to get on board. And I’ve been trying to think of reasons why people don’t have it yet. It can’t be the price because it’s less than 50 bucks for 2.5 hours of practical info, 8 compatible warm up routines and 19 weeks of actual workouts on the track and in the weight room.

So the only thing I can think of is that you just don’t know who Marc Mangiacotti is or if he knows what he’s talking about. I’m not going to give you his bio again or show you what the program contains because you can see that here:

Read Coach Mangiacotti’s Jump Runs for a great sprint workout

Instead, take a look at some of the early feedback from the program. Maybe  you’re not ready to take my word for it, but you should listen to other coaches who are in similar situations to yours. And then imagine your 100m runners on the starting line next to theirs:

“I watched Marc’s video Monday evening and read his stuff, same day as download. I am in the UK and we have just finished our indoor season and are just about to start prep for the outdoor in a double peak year, so the timing is perfect.

I put one of Marc’s sessions into practice last night and the team loved it. I need to do some adapting because of the time I have available. I’d love to do the weights and session as prescribed but I only have the athletes for 90 minutes per session and it is a lot to get through so I need to give it some thought.

However, the first session really kicked our outdoor season prep off well and it has spurred me to re-read and re-watch and get stuck in with using the program once I adapt it over the remainder of this week.

Thanks mate.”
Lee Ness
Sprint Coach
City of Salisbury Athletics and Running Club

“I wish I had been able to order it sooner before our season started to get more prepared.  I am implementing his program as quickly as I can.  We are already at the end of our 3rd week of general prep but I can already see results in the athletes’ acceleration form.” – Rick Carlson


“This program made it all click in my head finally! I understand these workouts and such may not completely take care of everything, but that is why we constantly learn right? Please give Marc a very warm thank you from me. Also please keep up the work you are doing, my athletes and their parents appreciate it.” – Patrick Wilber (aka Coach W)


“Thanks so much for offering this program.  It was exactly what I needed at the price I was looking for.  The program is excellent.” –  Mitchell Graves


“Hey Latif, I have only listened to the first video but so far I’ve really enjoy it, and for only $50! Thats just beautiful!” – Jordan Temkin


“I think the interview and power point presentation was amazing. I learned a lot. Thanks.” – Raymond Tucker


“I think that this is a great investment but I would not be able to really discern and implement this info without the desire to learn more. The presentation is succinct and well written. I like his use of language and the videos included are an incredible addition.” – Philip Green

Seriously, guys. $47 until tomorrow.

I don’t mean to get all ‘Coach Thomas-y’ on you, but this is what I tell my athletes at the start of every season:

‘I don’t want to hear your sad stories halfway through the season when you realize that if you had given your best effort from Day 1, you’d be running crazy times.’

Building the Perfect 100 Meter Sprinter From Start to Finish

To your success,

Latif Thomas

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