Will This Actually Improve Your 400 Meter Runners?

Posted by Latif Thomas

I like to think I’m a pretty good sprints coach.

And that I create pretty good sprints coaching programs.

So, of course, you won’t be surprised when I tell you how much I think you’ll like my recent program, ‘Compete High School 400 Meter Training’.

Or that if you order today:

  1. You will get immediate access to all of the videos and handouts, all of which are available on your favorite mobile devices (as well as laptop and desktop).
  2. I’ll answer all of your program design, technical and race strategy questions.
  3. You will get a $20.00 discount off the regular $99.00 price.


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But, maybe those benefits don’t convince you that you and your athletes are missing out on faster 400 times.

I understand.

If that’s the case, imagine what your upcoming season could be like if you experienced results similar to the following high school coaches who have invested in the program:




“I changed my approach to sprint training after seeing your clinics in Atlantic City a few years ago and I must tell you, it was the best professional decision I have ever made.

I had frosh girls that started indoor at 65 seconds for the 400 and are running sub 60 as of sophomore year outdoor 2015 (56.3 auto - 55.8 split and 59.3 auto - 58.7 split).

In addition, my 100-200 speedster (6.9 60m and 10.93 last year in the 100), who I successfully converted to a 400m runner… after basically running 55s most of indoor (“i hate the 400” mentality), he cruised at 52 low most of outdoor and ripped a 49. at nationals in June…

But the best part has been the development of those B and C level kids who are seeing so much improvement in their 200 times as they get their 400m training every week. Truth be told, they all think they’re the next Bolt in the 100 but look more like they’re bolted to the ground so training for the 400 is the path to their happiness!

Btw, my unimpressive, average, 64-63 girl this past year, she was only able to run 68 last year…once… But as a testimonial to the efficacy of the training methodology, here’s some other highlights of average kids:

2014 to 2015

81 to 70

75 to 68

77 to 69


Tony Martins
Summit High School
Summit, New Jersey


Your high school 400 meter program provided me with an excellent knowledge base to work from. The program is top notch and the ability to have questions, about specific components, answered by the knowledge source is priceless.

While implementing portions of the high school 400 meter program into our system we managed to have amazing and continued success. By seasons end we had broken the girls’ 4x400m school record by over 4 seconds (13 year old record), medaled at every large invitational, and medaled at our District Championship meet.

Medaling at Districts was something that we haven’t had a team do in the past 15+ years.

Thank you Latif for all the help!

My growth as a coach and our continued success started with your High School 400m program.”

Arron Panigall
Greensburg Salem High School
Greensburg, Pennsylvania




Here's how to succeed despite your short high school seasons, mid week dual meets and a team full of kids who think they're "short sprinters".   Watch this video:





 We’ve seen vast improvements in the 4x4 every year including increases in 400 metres performance (boy 50.79) and our top girl (57.19). Latif’s programs are essential to my success. Everyone can achieve their goals with his array of programs.”

Antonio Powell
South Fayette High School
McDonald, Pennsylvania



“Latif's HS 400 Training absolutely helped my long sprinters to improve. We already did some of what Latif described in his program, but by adding many of Latif's workouts and just the overall philosophy of training fast to go fast in everything that we do, our kids improved by leaps and bounds.

Knowing they had to hit certain times in practice kept the kids honest and made them work harder. We took a lot of 68 and 69 second 400 kids down to 62 and almost broke our school record.

I think Latif's program is excellent and recommend it without reservation.”

Cory Westerfield
Marshall County High School
Benton, Kentucky



Not sure where the testimonials go, so it seems that right here is good.

Girl 400m 58.3 (League Champ, Prep A State NJ Champ, School record)
Boy 400m 49.8 (League Champ, Prep A State NJ Champ, School record)
4:01 Girls 4×400 (League Champs, Prep State NJ Champs, School record and League record)

Trying to get our 59 split sophomore girl crushing it next year. She has eyes set on that 58.3 record. Our best boy will also return for his senior year! And the league record is also a target of his. He finished last spring at running low 53. An indoor and spring season later he has rewritten our school record at 49.8.

The girls 4×400 is certainly the most exciting (61, 59, 62, 59) were rough splits. Only one of these girls ran under 64 seconds last year, and that was the then school record holder in 59.22, who as I said before, has brought the record down to 58.3.

Our 400 game has been legit! This program is legit! Thanks for all your help and support, see you in July at Harvard.

Roy Wilson
Blairstown, New Jersey




What I love most about these success stories is that they aren’t just about freak performances.

There are always going to be good years. For example, this year I had one kid run 48.3 and another run 50.1, as well as 2 girls under 60. (That school only has 1000 kids.)

But, we also saw boys drop from 57-58 last year to 54-55.

Girls drop from 67-68 last year to 64-65.

Science is science.

Good training is good training.

Complete High School 400 Meter Training will make all your long sprinters faster.

The indoor season is just around the corner.

Order ‘Complete High School 400m Training’ now.

And remember, I’m available to answer all of your training questions.


To your success,

Latif Thomas


USATF Level II (Sprints, Hurdles, & Relays)
USTFCCCA Event Specialist (Sprints, Hurdles, & Relays)
USTFCCCA Strength & Conditioning Certified


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