Winter Workouts for Hurdles

Posted by Tony Veney

I was inspired by the winter training article written by coach Mangiacotti two weeks ago, so I wanted to put in my two cents concerning what I wanted my young people to do for winter workouts. As a young high school coach I was determined to write workouts for everyday of the break and even wanted them to run on Christmas day (Hey, a little run can help with digestion). But with the help of a number of my mentors, I have come up with the following program designed to be precise without being unreasonable and OCD. Good Hunting.

Winter Training

winter workoutRun one of the following winter workouts choices each week. Do not run back to back days unless it’s a tempo day after a speed-power or speed endurance workout. Three to four workouts a week is all you will need to come back fit for the first meet. You may run more than one tempo day per week (2), but never more than one speed-power or speed endurance run per week. The speed and power workout should start your week and make sure you have run some tempo or general strength before the next hard day. If you are feeling fatigued or sore, it would be better to take another day off (your body is telling you something, so listen). If you have questions, call, text, or send an email. If this team wants to win at the highest level, then come back to school in the kind of shape that is needed to perform at the highest level! You can’t find your state meet performance at the state meet. The state meet began when school started in August.

Coach Veney

Warm up Drills

Ankle Bounce Routine

3xright 10m – nose to knee 20m


3xleft 10m – nose to knee 20m


3xleft backward 10m – hop-hop-hop
3xright backward 10m – hop-hop
Double A-Skip
3xdouble front – push up
Inch Worm
3xdouble backward – hand clap P.U.
Bouncing inch worm
Big Box
Little Box
3x30m accelerations
Hurdle Drills
Wall Drills
Ankle Bounces 3x20e
Trail circles 3x8e
Trail slides 3x6e
Trail slides run off 3x6e
Trail leg rock back
8 sec.
Walk overs
Over and under
Skip overs
Around the world
Track Workouts
Endurance Choices
  1. 450-350-250 @ 85% with 8 minutes recovery
  2. 350-2×250-3×150 @ 85% with same distance run for recovery
  3. 3x3x150 in 20/22sec. with 3 mins rest and 2 laps between the sets
  4. 10×200 in 30/33 with 2 mins rest
  5. 100-200-300-400-500-400-300-200-100 @85% with same distance walk
  6. 18×100 13/15 with 90sec. rest
  7. 9×300 with 100m walk 45/51
  8. 300-200-300-200-300-200-300 @45/51 with distance walk
  9. 5×1111 in 13/14 50 walk/200 walk
  10. 4×500 with the first 100 in 20 and each 100 faster – 500 walk recovery
Strength Endurance Choices
  1. 10×150 hills with walk back recovery
  2. 8×200 hills
  3. 2x8x100 hills with 10 mins. Between the sets
  4. 3×200, 4×150, 5×100 hills
  5. 3×35 sec., 4x20sec., 5×10 sec. hills
  6. 3x5x100 hills
  7. 3×60-60-90 hills
Speed Choices
  1.  3x40m nose to knee – 3x40m hop-hop-start – 3x40m handclap  – 3x40m standing long jump start then do wall drills.
  2.  6x standing long jump – 3 single leg standing long jumps each leg – 3 standing long jumps with feet in block spacing – 3 standing long jumps with block spacing into a 30m sprint.
  3. 3x3x60 meters – 3×30 turn/30 straight, 3×60 full turn, 3×20 turn and 40 straight
  4. 3x4x30m hills
  5. 4×10,20,30,40m accelerations – big swing
  6. 6×20 as short a stride as possible – 6×20 as big as possible – 6×20 comfortable stride
Tempo Choices
  1. 1111,1112,1121,1211,2111,1111 (14/16 sec.)
  2. 4×212 (14/16 sec.)
  3. 5×222 (28-29/33-34)
  4. 4×600 (35-50-35 for the men & 40-60-40)
  5. Walk – jog – stride (85%) 50-50-100 continuous for 8 laps
  6. 6×200 in 30/35 with same recovery and 2 laps walk between the sets
  7. 1111,1212,1313,1234,1313,1212,1111 (400/400H only)
Short Hurdle Choices (always full hurdle drills)
  1. 8 x 10HH (women @ 30”/men @ 39”) 10m apart for a 5 step rhythm. Walk back recovery.
  2. 10x4HH set low and close (10 feet for women and 12 feet for men) for a one step rhythm
  3. Full hurdle mobility day – each drill 6x over 6 hurdles – 10 grass strides
  4. 10x starts over the first 2 HH
  5. 5 starts over the first 5HH. 30 feet apart for women  and 24 feet apart for men.
Long Hurdle Choices (always full hurdle drills)
  1. 6 runs over 5 hurdles down – turn around – 5 hurdles back – 20 paces apart or double high hurdle marks. 3 mins. Recovery
  2. Set up all 10 hurdles around the track – run 1-5, 2-6, 3-7, 4-8, 5-9, 6-finish. Walk back recovery
  3. Set hurdles 6-7-8-9 and run  from the 5th hurdle mark – jog back to thew start for 4 reps and walk a lap recovery – repeat 4x
  4. Set 6 hurdles 10 paces apart and run an alternate leg routine – 9 times with 3 minutes recovery
  5. 8×300 with the last 100 over the last 2 hurdles of the race – the first 200 is at 75% and the last 100 is at race pace – 8 minutes recovery
  6. 12×200 same as workout  #5 – first 100 is tempo and last 100 over the last two hurdles of the race and run to the finish
Hurdle Workout Days
Trail Circles
Laterals – middle
Trails slides
Run overs
Ankle bounces
Over to Lunge
Trail leg rolls
Over to Lunge-Lunge

Skip overs
Laterals over-over-back
Roll back to trail pull back
6 hurdles – 6 times
5 hurdles – 3 times


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Tony Veney - Tony Veney is entering his ninth season at the helm of the Pirates' men's and women's track and field teams, his 10th at Ventura College. He brings over 40 years of extensive track and field coaching and teaching experience from all levels of competition, and is a nationally certified instructor and lecturer. In the fall of 2017, Veney was awarded the Fred Wilt Coach/Educator of the Year Award by USA Track & Field. Coach Veney is a USATF Level I-II-III instructor with a master of coaching certificate. He is a regular speaker at national track and field clinics, and has produced and published several videos and books related to the specialized areas of sprints and hurdles. Veney is a 1976 graduate of UCLA with a degree in History. He was the former 800 meter record holder for the Bruins, and was a member of two NCAA outdoor track and field championship teams. He received his Master's Degree in physical education from Azusa Pacific University.

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