Youth Development and Training

In this section you will find articles on the total development and training of youth athletes!


Youth Development Articles :

Teaching the Long Jump to Young Jumpers - Lee Taft, CSCS
When introducing a young jumper the event of long jumping it is wise to start with the one thing you know they can do; Run. Make no mistake about it; if the athlete isn’t fast they will never be a great long jumper. Speed is what carries the jumper to...

Youth Speed Training -Patrick Beith CSCS, PES, USATF II
Athletes in any sport, need to be able to accelerate as quickly as possible. As a coach you must be able to put your athletes in the best possible position to succeed.

Youth Talent Identification -Brian Grasso
Coaching plays a significant role within the realm of talent identification. In fact, it has been suggested that key issues within the talent identification stage include having "many highly qualified and well-educated coaches," and a "guarantee that these highly qualified and well-educated coaches work with beginners and not only high-level athletes."